Palace Derossi Trogir

Welcome to the Palace Derossi, a small corner of the history of Trogir

In the very center of the old town nucleus, right beside the northern town gates, a complex of the Palace Derossi is situated. This complex was built on sea foundations consisting of 6 stone houses. A perfect combination of modern and antique decoration depicts the history of the area and attracts curious looks. Relax in one of the beautifully decorated rooms of the Derossi Palace and experience a perfect blend of history and modern decorative style. Breathtaking majestic balconies, entrances together with a central court all constitute an integral part of the complex leading you into the ancient period when the complex was built. Furthermore, some of the rooms are furbished with antique furniture perfectly integrated with modern details thus creating a unique experience of the past. Due to its decorative style Palace Derossi completely fits in the overall appearance of this historical town. Due to its cultural heritage Trogir is also called a museum-town while this complex serves as a perfect example of that statement.

Palace Derossi

Address: Hrvatskih mučenika 1, 21220 Trogir
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